Intro to Studying a Graduate Business Degree

Participating business schools

Understanding career opportunities with a Business Master's degree

Questions our panelists will cover during this livecast:

  • What are the main benefits of pursuing a graduate business degree?
  • How should you decide between the different graduate business programs available?
  • What is the background of students who are pursuing specialized graduate business programs?
  • What are the requirements when it comes to industry background and work experience?
  • How do employers view graduate business degrees, and what are some success stories of graduates?
  • What are some key pieces of advice for students to choose the right graduate business program?
  • What’s the application process for a graduate business degrees?
  • Which graduate business program subjects are currently in highest demand?

School Profiles

ESMT Berlin

Speaker Laurence Wilson

Queen’s University - Smith School of Business

Speaker Teresa Pires

Duke University, Fuqua School of Business

Speaker Lauren Sutherland

Imperial College Business School

Speaker Andy Durban
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