Business Master's & MBA in the US for Students from Southeast Asia

Participating business schools

Study and scholarship opportunities in the US

Questions our panelists will cover during this livecast:

  • What are the main benefits of studying in the US?
  • What is the best way to research the particular city or country where you are considering studying?
  • Why would Southeast Asian students easily be able to integrate into American culture?
  • What is the day-to-day life like for students in an American city?
  • Are there a significant number of Southeast Asian students in the US, and why would Business Schools like to recruit more?
  • What are some of the top fields that Southeast Asian students work in after they graduate?
  • What are some tips specifically for Southeast Asian students to help them stand out in the applicant pool?

School Profiles

UC Irvine Paul Merage School of Business

Speaker Taylor M. Martini

American University - Kogod

Speaker Sarah Teitelbaum
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