5 Great Reasons to Consider Studying an Online Management Program

Promoted in partnership with Imperial, IE, and ESMT Berlin  

In response to the rapid changes of how we live and work during the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of academic programs are transitioning to online-only teaching, or to hybrid/flexible formats where some of the courses are taught online and others are taught in-person.  

A key benefit of this transition to online and hybrid programs has been the ability to safely start studying a master’s without having to delay your study plans.  

One of the most in-demand master’s subjects is management and three top business schools (Imperial College Business School, IE Business Schooland ESMT Berlin) are offering a 10-12-week management program starting this Fall – the Master’s in Management (MiM) Essentials Programme. 

So, what are some great reasons to consider studying an online program? 


Master's in Management Essentials Programme

Offered by Imperial, IE, and ESMT – A pathway to a full-time master’s degree or a standalone management diploma

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Online programs can save you money  

Even though you may be dreaming of studying abroad this Fall, staying back and staying safe in the comfort of your home can save you money. No visa fees or travel fees – both of which could equal thousands of dollars in savings.  

Another way you’ll save money by studying online is that you won’t have to pay room and board fees. Study at your parents’ home. Keep your current apartment and avoid the hassle of sub-leasing it…odeal with having to keep it and pay rent for an empty place while you’re abroad. 

They provide innovative course delivery  

Online learning has come a long way. We’re no longer in the days of lecturers emailing work assignments for you to print out, complete, and email back in  learning online today means taking advantage of live discussion boards, videos, interactive polls, testsand online study groups with people joining from all over the world.  

The shift to online learning has led to various innovations including an award-winning platform from IE – the WOW Room – which was the 2018 winner of Best Innovation in Business Education at Reimagine Education Awards.  

The WOW Room is a physical space located on IE’s Madrid campus that is composed of 48 screens that comprise a digital tapestry. The WOW Room transforms the learning experience through elements that include artificial intelligence, real-time simulations, emotion recognition systems and more. 

They are flexible  

Online programs can provide you with a lot of flexibility.  

They give you the ability to start your studies from home as early as this Fall and then to continue them online or on campus from Spring 2021 or beyond.  

You can study from virtually anywhere as long as you have a reliable internet connection and often at a time that suits you too. Most video lectures and course materials will be recorded and shared with you so you can access them whenever is most convenient, while live webinars and office hours will provide you with the opportunity to interact with your lecturers and peers in real-time. 

Studying online also gives you greater control over your free time. Travel the United States in a van while studying an online program or take a hiatus from work to focus solely on your studies – the possibilities are truly endless. 

All this flexibility leads us to our next point… 

Introducing the All-New Master's in Management Essentials Programme

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An online program will open doors to students around the world  

If the word networking came to mind, you’re already thinking like a true businessperson. Because people are able to study online programs from anywhere in the world, this means that there will most likely be students from all over the globe, allowing you to make global connections and open up opportunities that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. 

With all three participating schools based in Europe, the online MiM Essentials Programme will open up new opportunities for students in London, Berlin, Madrid and across the European Union. 

Online programs can be a pathway to a full-time master’s degree 

Studying an online program can put you on the fast track to a full-time master’s degree.  

For example, you could study a 3-month online management program to broaden your managerial skills and business know-how and take the certificate of completion and run with it, or you can use the course credits towards pursuing your full-time master's in management degree should you choose to do so. 

Whichever online program you choose could serve as a taste-test for deciding whether or not you want to pursue a full-time master's degree in that subject or another. And, depending on the program you chooseyou'll be able to complete a fast-track to a master's degree solely online or in a hybrid mix of online and in-person courses.