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31 May 2022
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QS is proud to announce the QS Community scholarship. These scholarships are designed to identify applicants who demonstrate exceptional levels of socially responsible leadership and an ability to motivate others. Eligibility Criteria: • You must attend a QS event either in-person or online. • You must start your first year of study in the next academic year. • You must study at an MBA or EMBA level. • You must have accepted an offer from a school by the time we select a winner in June. • The scholarship must go towards your tuition fee.

Application criteria

Application requirements

QS Event attendance is required

Essay submission is needed

Entry requirements

You can be admitted to any school on the appropriate level

Essay Brief

Describe how your MBA/ EMBA and future goals will help you make a difference in your community. Word limit: Maximum 500 words. Please indicate your full name, scholarship title and QS fair you have attended (example: QS World Grad School Tour- London- March 2021) at the beginning of your essay. These words will not count towards the word limit.

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Frequently asked questions

What does QS World Merit Scholarships stand for?

We’re  QS, and we are the leading network for careers and education. Our mission is to enable motivated people anywhere in the world to fulfil their potential through educational achievement, international mobility, and career development. One of the ways we help is through our QS Scholarships platform. In 2020 this merged with the World Merit charity organization, and now offers joint scholarships. These are our QS World Merit (QS WM) Scholarships.

What is the difference between scholarships funded by an institution or by QS World Merit?

A scholarship by an institution is completely sponsored by them, therefore you must be applying for that institution to be eligible. You must be accepted to study there to win the scholarship. Further eligibility criteria and requirements vary by scholarship.

QS World Merit Scholarships are offered jointly between the World Merit charity organization and us at QS. You can be admitted to any institution on the appropriate study level to be considered. Take a look at the further eligibility criteria on the respective scholarship.

Which scholarships are funded by QS World Merit?
What is the timeline for QS World Merit Scholarships?

Our QS World Merit Scholarships all have different deadlines, but follow a similar process:

Two weeks after the scholarship deadline 

The QS World Merit Scholarship Selection Committee aims to finish evaluating the applications and select the shortlisted candidates two weeks after the deadline. This is when we email the shortlisted candidates and ask them to send us information about the school they have been admitted to, the program they`ll be studying, the program start date, their tuition fee amount and info on any other scholarships won plus check they’ve attended one of our events (if required) 

Three weeks after the deadline 

We then send the eligible shortlisted applications to the QS World Merit Scholarship decision makers. We ask them to make a final decision by the end of the month following the deadline.  

Four to five weeks after the deadline 

We contact the winner(s) selected and ask them to: 

  • Fill out and sign a winner agreement form 
  • Send us the admissions letter from the school 
  • Send the school's account details on a letter-headed document 
  • Send any info that needs to be mentioned on the payment (eg. student ID, name) 
  • Send along a picture of themselves plus their social media 

We also put them in touch with our writers and social media team, who will publish an interview on our websites and social channels. Once we have all the documents from the selected winner, we inform the applicants who didn't win about the status of their application. 

Five to six weeks after the deadline 

We announce the winners and publish their interviews. 

Am I eligible to apply to the QS World Merit Scholarship if I don’t need to pay a tuition fee?

The scholarship can only go towards your tuition fee, so unfortunately you won't be awarded in this case.