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10 July 2024
30% tuition fee waiver
No. Scholarships

One full scholarship covering tuitions fees is available through the Waldemar Schmidt Scholarship. Priority is given to Brazilian or South American candidates who are accepted to the Copenhagen MBA.

Application criteria

Application requirements

QS Event attendance is NOT required

Entry requirements

You must be admitted to this school to be awarded

Instructions on how to apply

Indicate your interest in the scholarship during your application, financial need is a requirement. The scholarship is merit based and will be assessed during your interview. A separate scholarship interview with scholarship donor Mr. Waldemar Schmidt will also be conducted.

Useful resources

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Frequently asked questions

What does QS World Merit Scholarships stand for?

We’re  QS, and we are the leading network for careers and education. Our mission is to enable motivated people anywhere in the world to fulfil their potential through educational achievement, international mobility, and career development. One of the ways we help is through our QS Scholarships platform. In 2020 this merged with the World Merit charity organization, and now offers joint scholarships. These are our QS World Merit (QS WM) Scholarships.

What is the difference between scholarships funded by an institution or by QS World Merit?

A scholarship by an institution is completely sponsored by them, therefore you must be applying for that institution to be eligible. You must be accepted to study there to win the scholarship. Further eligibility criteria and requirements vary by scholarship.

QS World Merit Scholarships are offered jointly between the World Merit charity organization and us at QS. You can be admitted to any institution on the appropriate study level to be considered. Take a look at the further eligibility criteria on the respective scholarship.

What does an exclusive scholarship mean?

An exclusive scholarship means that the scholarship is not advertised or available anywhere else but on our platform. To be eligible for these scholarships, you must attend one of our recruitment events (World Grad School Tour, World MBA Tour, Connect Masters, Connect MBA, STEM) as they are exclusively available for event attendees. Click here to register for an event for free.

What if a scholarship is not exclusive?

It means that the scholarship is advertised on other platforms and websites as well, and so are available to a wider audience. You don’t need to attend one of our events (World Grad School Tour, World MBA Tour, Connect Masters, Connect MBA, STEM, etc.) to apply (but we’d love to see you anyway).

Which scholarships are funded by QS World Merit?

QS WM Leadership Scholarship for MBA Studies $10.000 - Deadline 31st May 11:59pm BST

QS WM Community Scholarship for MBA Studies 2* $5.000 – Deadline 31st May 11:59pm BST

QS WM Social Responsibility Scholarship for Master`s Studies $10.000 - Deadline 30th April 11:59pm BST

QS WM Academic Excellence Scholarship Master`s and PhD Studies $10.000 – Deadline 30th April 11:59pm BST

QS WM Women`s Scholarship $5.000 - Deadline 30th April 11:59pm BST

QS WM Undergraduate Scholarship for Bachelor`s Studies $5.000 - Deadline 30th April 11:59pm BST